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Quickly Grow Your List of Subscribers with Today’s Campaign!

Grow Your List Quickly

Grow your list and effectively manage your subscribers using our subscriber based features. You will get data that will help you do mass automation sequences and create personalized campaigns.

Grow Your List
Email Providers

Import Your Contacts Instantly

You can instantly import your contacts from many different sources such as your computer, e-mail clients such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, from xls, .csv. and .txt files, or upload from your disk.

Organize & Manage Your Lists

Add and store as many lists as you want. Create new lists by importing contacts one at a time or by pasting in your contacts’ e-mails.

Grow Quickly

Keep Your Lists Clean

Get rid of bounced or erroneous emails and hard and soft bounces from your subscriber list. Our e-mail cleaning service allows you to remove any old and outdated emails from your e-mail campaign list so that you don’t have useless emails sitting around.

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